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Fluxdock enables interdisciplinary innovation projects through a fully comprehensive project management and project controlling platform. In practice, services established in collaborative projects are integrated into a streamlined project cockpit.  This project cockpit contains essential information about the team and provides an optimized digital workspace for project collaboration. 

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Collaboration tools rely on widespread technology that can be optimally integrated into existing workflows: Slack is used for communication, Google Drive for Google Docs, Google Calendar scheduling, doodle surveys, and project controlling a Google Sheet and Toggl. Networking the tools together is part of the service that Fluxdock offers.

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To create a central administration of the tools, a Google Account (projectXY@fluxdock.io) is created for each project. With this, all other services (Slack, Trello) are activated as basic infrastructure. For each tool, the most important processes are defined, recorded and explained to new members in a short mini-manual.

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