2 Nov 2016

Upcoming: Salon des Créateurs

On November 9th at 7 pm Fluxdock opens for the Salon des Créateurs, the informal gathering of the members of kreaB, the association for the creative industries in Basel. Join us and get to know the creative people in town.

3 Nov 2016

Upcoming: Fuckup Night

On November 10th Fluxdock will host another Fuckup Night. This event is an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to learn from others failures. Because errors are on your way to success. Register here.

1 Sep 2016

Fluxdock Facility opens

Today the Fluxdock Facility opened at Freilagerplatz in Münchenstein/Basel. Here are up to 90 workplaces and new infrastructure ready for collaboration.

The network for collaborative innovation

Fluxdock is the platform for collaborative companies. Their employees work effectively together in projects with shared principles, methods and tools. Through mutual exchanges they empower themselves to innovate. Fluxdock provides the network, suitable methods, tools and excellent infrastructure for collaborative innovation - on the platform and in the Transitlager in Basel.


We believe that agile methods and methods of design thinking are best suited to promote collaboration and thereby innovation. An iterative approach, transparency, flexibility and trust are essential and can be lived by agile methods. Scrum provides a suitable framework for successful collaboration and innovation between companies. Fluxdock will therefore provide regular information, events, and offers on these methods in order to promote collaboration and innovation.



Fluxdock is the platform for successful collaboration between companies. To promote and simplify collaboration Fluxdock develops an integrated digital platform with business directory, project market, project management and business management. Thus, cross-company cooperation becomes easier and more professional.



Successful collaboration requires physical interaction. In the Transitlager on the Dreispitz in Basel Fluxdock operates a place for companies to work and collaborate permanently or temporarily. The site provides up to 90 permanent workplaces and workplaces, meeting and event rooms as well as workshops and a studio that can be rented temporarily. The entire infrastructure is flexible, adaptable and designed to support agile ways of working and collaboration optimally.