February 2018

Talking about Fluxdock

In this 23 minute long video interview, Fluxdock founder and president of the board Valentin Spiess talks about his reasons to found Fluxdock, about collaboration, innovation and agile methods. The interview is only available in German. Watch it here.

January 2018


Until late March we will be working on our platform in order to further enhance cross-company-collaboration. Parallel to the restructuring of our website we are working on our project hub in order to provide an intuitive collaborative workflow on our platform.




Collaboration opens up new spaces of thought and leads to new and better ideas - Fluxdock provides the ideal platform for cross-company collaboration.

Our infrastructure and the streamlined tools and methods we provide help unlock creative potential and enable established companies to develop new ideas and successfully prototype future-oriented concepts.

On an analog and digital level, we ensure smooth process flows and make agile methods and design thinking accessible to all.

Which is how we create conditions that the search for innovative solutions needs.

Welcome to Fluxdock.


The members constitute Fluxdock.

They form together the interdisciplinary and collaborative network that comprises a multiplicity of competencies and enables the members mutually to innovation.


Fluxdock features a network of professional and innovative companies in different industries. These are some of their references:


Media World

Smart SCR-App für moderne Messeinrichtungen

World Expo in Astana



We believe that agile methods and design thinking promote collaboration and create innovation. An iterative approach, transparency, flexibility and trust are essential values of the Fluxdock network. Scrum provides a suitable framework for the successful collaboration and innovation between companies from different backgrounds. Fluxdock accumulates sophisticated knowledge and expertise in these fields and facilitates mutual collaboration and innovation.



Successful collaboration requires physical interaction.The Transitlager at  Dreispitz is the creative centre of Basel area. It's where Fluxdock's physical competence centre for collaborative companies is located. The site provides up to 90 permanent workplaces, meeting- and event rooms as well as workshops and a studio that can be rented temporarily. The entire infrastructure is flexible, adaptable and designed to support agile ways of working and collaboration permanently or temporarily.